Late Night Early Morning

Released 14 June 2004

CD (SUML 13(CD))

Late Night Early Morning pursues and develops the glorious sound of Beautiful You, with its intoxicating mix of acoustic guitars, Hammond organ, trumpet and very English voices, and takes it to another level again.

From the upbeat pure pop of opener After All to the doomladen Dark Side; from the London landscape of Streetscene to the Americana of Go Jojo Go; from the nature-mystical weirdness of The River Flows to the existential emptiness of Someotherwhere, taking in some beautifully Beatleish string arrangements along the way - Late Night Early Morning is an album of celebration and meditation which talks of living, dying and many things in between. The album showcases the whole range of the band's style from straight-ahead tunefulness to downright strangeness.

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