1234: The Early Singles

Released 24 July 2006

CD (SUML 14(CD))

1234 brings together Rumblefish's two Summerhouse singles, Medicine and Don't Leave Me, with their debut single Tug-Boat Line from The Pink Label and Solid Wood from the Pink sampler It Sells Or It Smells.

From the scratchy indiepop of their earliest recorded work to the big lush sound of their third single, 1234 traces the band's progession from unknowns to the brink of commercial success. Jeremy Paige's often rather sinister lyrics, great rhythmic energy and some classic tunes made Rumblefish one of the cult bands of their era. A booklet written by founder member Paige and 14 long-deleted tracks chart the Rumblefish story from 1986 to 1989.

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