Whirlpool Guest House
Pictures On The Pavement

Released 22 May 1989


Whirlpool Guest House (later Shandy Wildtyme) were Carl Green (vocals, guitar), Andrew Davis (vocals, bass) and Sallyann Davis (vocals). Their first album is a remarkably accomplished debut, following a 7" single The Changing Face, combining classic songwriting with a DIY pop feel on record. With double male/female lead vocals, the ten-song set is invariably melodic, with laid-back reflective numbers alternating with hard-driving more rhythmic riffs like Young Forever. With a nod in the direction of 60s beat groups and early 80s indiepop, Whirlpool Guest House are from the same musical area as label mates Friends, and Pictures On The Pavement is a rare delight for all lovers of romantic, intelligent and tuneful pop.