The First Day Of Spring

Released 16 April 1990 (12" single), 11 September 1995 (CD single)

12" single (SUMS 8)/CD single (SUMS 8(CD))

Friends third single, originally released as a 12", is the best-selling of the band's six singles, with four contrasting songs showing the full range of the band's style. The First Day Of Spring is a joyous two-and-a-half minute burst of euphoria coming from the point where pastoral pop meets rustic rock. Powered by an unrelenting beat and driven by a big trumpet riff, the song is an earthy celebration of the sheer joy of being alive on the day winter's over. As Years Go By is a darker, passionate number from the rockier end of the Friends repertoire. I'll Never See You is a whimsical pop song led by the characteristic Friends trumpet, while Wanting is a pared-down, heartfelt acoustic number. Four classic tunes for the months of spring, encased in a classic cover.

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