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Day By Night

Last thing here that I remember
Wrapped inside a heat haze
Is asking you to give me something
To get me through the days

Lost in some unending desert
Staring at the blue sky
You showed me something more than dreams
And opened up my eyes
I took a long time learning
And now I know
This world I found within me
I’m never going to let it go

Gave up waiting for the future
Long before the time came
Never felt this joy in living
Since before the rain

It’s been a long time coming
And now it’s here
I’ve spent a lifetime waiting
And couldn’t wait another year
Or even just another day
Or even just another day

I reached the light
Through the shade and
Day by night
I can see so far
And every moment where you are
Although the journey’s been so hard
I’ve found a place to be at last

I found a world within me
Made it come alive here
And every day decide
Don’t let it disappear

I reached the heights
From so deep and
Day by night
I can feel so free

I reached the place
I’ve been searching
Night by day
I can see so clear
And whether far away or near
I see the future without fear
I want to stay now that I’m here

Written by William Jones
Published by Summerhouse Music Ltd

Track Length

William Jones
voice, electric guitar

Greg Bone
acoustic guitar

Bruce Pearson

Edwin Pearson

Chris Wood

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Day By NIght (Southbeach Hazy Mix)

Remixed by Southbeach.

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Day By Night (Southbeach Sketch Mix)

Remixed by Southbeach

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Day By Night (Southbeach Ambient Mix)

Remixed by Southbeach

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