The Mountain Is A Dandy

RELEASED 6 June 1988


Quinn The Eskimo’s only recording on Summerhouse was a classic set of acoustic guitar-based pop songs, drawing on the English folk tradition and American guitar rock to produce a refreshingly original sound that is hard to locate in any particular era. Ranging from the upbeat pop of Samantha Rain and Once Upon A Day, through the dreamscape of The Haymaker to the folky barnstorm of The Wreck, the album is a one-off gem which was never to be followed up.


Samantha Rain
Big Hedge
The Haymaker
Like A Flame
Once Upon A Day
The Wreck
The Importance Of Being Honest


Dave Cook

Guitar, vocals, mandolin
Richard Scott

Graeme Cooper

Ken Goodinson


Written by Quinn The Eskimo (except Big Hedge, written by Steve Parkin & Quinn The Eskimo)
Lyrics by Andrew Wilkie
Piano on Samantha Rain by Martin Hoile
Piano & organ on Once Upon A Day by John Steel
Produced by Quinn The Eskimo at Desert Sound, Felling
Engineered by Ian McKie
Samantha Rain and Once Upon A Day produced by John Steel and engineered by Martin Hoile at Cluny Sound, Newcastle
Photograph by David Lyons/Event Horizons
Artwork by Dawn Main