Save You

RELEASED 3 October 1988

12″ single (SUMS 7)

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4,000,000 Telephones’ final release for Summerhouse followed on from the style of their second album The Most Careful. A more listener-friendly, melodic sound still retained the half-spoken, half-sung quality of their earlier work, but without the abrasive edge which characterised the first single French Girls. A storming, Teardrops-like title track is the standout song here, funky and poppy in equal measure, and the single is completed by the more laid-back quality of the other three songs, embellished throughout with a lyrical wandering saxophone.

Save You
After That
If I Was There
This Sleep

Vocals, keyboards

Alto sax, vocals
Gabriel Sabran

Joel Burgess


Eddie Tatton

Nigel Lobley

Recorded at Farmhouse Studio, Goxhill, South Humberside
Engineered by Pete Kennedy
Graphic design by Charles Elliott
Photography by Pearl Constance