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La Porta Nuova - first single

La Porta Nuova first single

The first single by new band La Porta Nuova was released at the end of May. The Italian/English band, formed by former Friends singer, guitarist and songwriter William Jones, recorded the four songs at Imagina Studios in Turin early in 2022, and the title track includes a mix of English and Italian lyrics. The other three songs showcase different aspects of the band’s style, and the single, available digitally only, will be the first in a series of four-track singles. It’s available from all downloads and streaming outlets.

Friends call it a day

Friends call it a day

Friends, the band that started the Summerhouse label, along with Whirlpool Guest House and 4,000,000 Telephones, have decided to call it a day. Founder member William Jones said: “The challenges of keeping it going when part of the band is in Italy and part in the UK, proved too much, and we weren’t making any progress in developing new songs. Of course you can do a lot on the internet, but for me it’s not as good as working together as a band, three or four people in the same room, and developing songs organically.”