Roads Leading Everywhere

RELEASED 18 September 1983 (LP), 11 October 1993 (CD)


Roads Leading Everywhere

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Roads Leading Everywhere is the sound of early Friends at their peak, and is the band’s most popular album. Often compared with groups like Teardrop Explodes and the Smiths, Friends attracted rave reviews with their second album, a collection of some of their most characteristic songs. You’ll Never See That Summertime Again is the song for which the band are best known through radio play, and sets the scene for a summery set of ten songs of acoustic, trumpet-driven pop. Other favourites are the blissful and reflective I Like and Were We Really There? and the manic upbeat Here Comes The Breakdown and Give Me More. If you don’t know the band, this is as good an introduction to their music as any.

Written by William Jones
All titles published by Summerhouse Music Ltd
Produced by William Jones
Engineered by Graeme Robinson
Recorded at GDR, Darlington, 19 – 24 June 1989
Design and back cover photography by Barry Shingleton
Front cover photography by Carl Green