It’s Getting Louder


Released 13 October 1986 (7″ single), 1 September 2003 (CD single)

7″ single (SUMS1)/CD single (SUMS 1(CD))

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It’s Getting Louder was Friends’ first single, released in 7″ format only. Recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, the band’s first two songs show many of the features that were to become Friends trademarks over the next few years – the classical guitar patterns carried across to electric guitar, the blasts of trumpet, the background acoustic guitar, and the very English-sounding vocals. Unavailable for a couple of years when the vinyl version sold out, it’s now back again as a CD single, showing a band finding their musical direction at the very start of their journey.

Written by William Jones
All titles published by Summerhouse Music Ltd
Produced by Steve Daggett
Recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, 20-22 August 1986
Photograph by Carl Green