The First Day Of Spring



12″ single (SUMS 8)/CD single (SUMS 8(CD))

The First Day Of Spring

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Friends third single, originally released as a 12″, is the best-selling of the band’s six singles, with four contrasting songs showing the full range of the band’s style. The First Day Of Spring is a joyous two-and-a-half minute burst of euphoria coming from the point where pastoral pop meets rustic rock. Powered by an unrelenting beat and driven by a big trumpet riff, the song is an earthy celebration of the sheer joy of being alive on the day winter’s over. As Years Go By is a darker, passionate number from the rockier end of the Friends repertoire. I’ll Never See You is a whimsical pop song led by the characteristic Friends trumpet, while Wanting is a pared-down, heartfelt acoustic number. Four classic tunes for the months of spring, encased in a classic cover.

Written by William Jones
All titles published by Summerhouse Music Ltd
Produced by William Jones
Enginered by Graeme Robinson
Recorded at GDR, Darlington, 15 March 1988 (Wanting), December 1989 (The First Day Of Spring, As Years Go By & I’ll Never See You)
Design and front cover photograph of Nikkat Saddique by Barry Shingleton
Back cover photographs by Carl Green