Songs without tears


RELEASED 24 JUNE 1991 (LP), 5 DECEMBER 1994 (CD)


Songs without tears

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Friends’ third album, released in 1991, continues where Roads Leading Everywhere left off. Whilst the title isn’t strictly truthful, the songs are generally gloriously optimistic and summery, with standout tracks like the childhood nostalgia of Out In The Open and On A Day Like This mixing with more reflective numbers such as Fadeaway and Thinking Of You. Dominated by acoustic guitars and trumpet, Songs Without Tears is in the same musical area as Lightning Seeds or Pale Fountains, and isn’t afraid to rock out when required. Songs Without Tears has been one of the most sought-after Friends albums since its release and marks the end of the ‘early’ Friends phase of its original line-up and own-produced recordings. Classic English romantic pop that stands the test of time while being highly characteristic of its early 90s era.