RELEASED 18 October 2010

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Closure is the fourth single from writer/producer/DJ/bass player Pete Maude. Fitting with the current vogue for a slightly slower, nu disco sound, Closure (115 bpm) has a laid back hypnotic groove, with melodic riffs that will melt into your brain. Reminiscent of Tangerine Dream.

24 Hours (123 bpm) is a retro/futuristic spaced out sound that drops into a haunting trance like riff, before kicking back in with a funky, plinky-plonky sound to get you dancin’ and prancin’…

Pitch Mod (127 bpm) is straight up, quality house music, influenced by the Buzzing Fly and Underworld sounds. Nice.

Elodie (150 bpm) is an emotional, spine-tingling chill out track that glides into dubstep/drumandbass beats and out again. Sublime.

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