Walking Out

RELEASED 1 December 2008

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Walking Out is the third single from writer/producer/DJ/bass player Pete Maude. Title track Walking Out (125 bpm) is a simple but effective walking/octave bassline that drives the track along, with rising house style riffs, synth frenzies and a hypnotic melody to keep you hooked.

End Of An Era (130 bpm) is a slightly tougher, faster sounding house track, featuring a stylish and moody chord sequence that leads into a superb old school, uplifting piano riff. Haunting and catchy.

Telefunk (130 bpm) is made up of 2-3 styles, in 2-3 distinct parts – more tech than house, with a bubbling acidic bass that builds and builds with great energy until a bleepy breakdown morphs into another great piano riff and (proper) electro bassline. A sustained sound effect kicks in and keeps the track pounding at such a high level you’ll be grinning from ear to ear!

Make It (120 bpm) is the first ambient track from Southbeach. Blissful piano, rising, sustained guitar, live bass and gentle sequencer lines result in a perfect soundtrack for a more chilled out vibe.

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Pete Maude at Fifth Floor Studio, London

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