La Porta Nuova

La Porta Nuova were formed in June 2021 by William Jones, the former Friends singer, songwriter and guitarist. The band are: William Jones (voice, guitar), Ivano Gruarin (guitar), Francesco Vecchia (bass) and Alex Bonacci (drums). La Porta Nuova are based in Turin, north Italy. The name is a reference to a new door or gateway, particularly for songwriter William Jones after 35 years with his first band. Coincidentally Porta Nuova is also the name of the main railway station in Turin. The band’s new single, Glorious Day, is the second in a series of four-track, digital-only singles, following their debut single, Elisa, in 2022. The title track features the glorious sound of the London Gospel Community Choir for a blast of unaccompanied passion near the end of the song.


Glorious Day

Glorious Day is the second single by La Porta Nuova. The opening track is a celebration of family, community and home with plentiful references to the weather and how its changes enhance the beauty of each day. The song features the glorious sound of the London Community Gospel Choir, in an extended unaccompanied highlight of the song. Where Did It Go? is a reflection on getting old and looking back with nostalgia on favourite places, people and objects. If I Ever Wake Again is the story of a World War Two veteran still traumatised by his experiences, who longs to be able to get to sleep and not wake up again. With references to WW2 battlefields and war cemeteries, the song flashes forward to the hippie era of anti-Vietnam war demonstrations, and a time when the protagonist is less revered as a hero. What’s The Ending? looks at the blurring of fiction and reality from the point of view of a couple of film fanatics who get wrapped up in the fortunes of their hero and don’t want the film to end.

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