RELEASED 18 September 1995


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Shandy Wildtyme released one CD on Summerhouse, as well as an album and 7″ single as Whirlpool Guest House (same personnel, different name). Classic songs with a clear love of the 60s filtered through a 90s sensibility, Shandy Wildtyme are acoustic indie pop, with alternating male/female vocals and an individual sound pitching accomplished performances against a rough-and-ready production style. Quirky and highly individual vocals and lyrics feature throughout the album, which ranges from the Hammond-driven shuffle-beat of Girlfriend Situation to the gorgeous pop of The Girl You Can’t Pin Down. Luminous is a rare treasure of an album, with a set of twelve timeless pop songs by one of the great undiscovered bands of the 1990s.

Written by Carl Green
Produced and engineered by Graeme Robinson
Recorded at GDR, Darlington
Arranged by Shandy Wildtyme and Graeme Robinson
Photography by Dawn Pybus